Our Edinburgh flowers usually last for 48 hours, but the fact that we got them fresh means that they are going to last longer than most flowers. You just need to know how to care for them once you receive them. It would also be exciting to see the flowers bloom into their full potential because it takes time for them to do so. As professional Edinburgh florists, we can teach you a shortcut guide to flowers.

Cut the Stems of Flowers Edinburgh

As professional florists, we know how critical stem cutting is to be done under water before you transfer the flowers from the bouquet to the vase. Once the stems are exposed to air, they have an automatic response of sealing up, which can stop them from absorbing nutrients that will keep the flowers fresh and alive longer. Exposed stems would also have trapped bubbles of air inside them, possibly blocking the complete absorption of nutrients up the stem and into the flowers.

Use Luke Warm Water - A Secret From Edinburgh Florists

Test the water first before transferring your freshly cut flowers into the vase. It should not be too hot for the wrist, just around 100 to 110 degree Fahrenheit. The warm water can deliver the nutrients and water faster to the head of the flowers than cold water because warm water molecules are faster than cold ones. This will effectively hasten the absorption process. However, this will not work on flowers that thrive in cold water, such as tulips.

Add Preservative Solution

Flower food can significantly increase the lifespan of cut flowers from the flower delivery Edinburgh and we know it. Since the flowers are no longer attached to the plant that was meant to supply them with nutrients, you have to provide them what they need if you want to keep them blooming longer. There are commercial preservatives usually contain antibiotics to prevent bacteria from attacking the flowers, sugar for their nutrition, and nitric acid to make the water acidic enough for the flowers. Before putting the preservative in the water, make sure to read the instructions and recommended measurements first.

Use Only Clean Clippers or Shears for Edinburgh Flowers

Before you use clippers or shears to cut the flowers, make sure they are completely clean and free of bacteria to avoid contaminating the flowers and possibly putting them at risk of wilting before they come into full bloom. It would be best if you use scissors meant to cut flowers instead of the regular ones because the latter will likely crush the vascular system in the stem and prevent the proper absorption of nutrients. This is often disregarded by people when cutting flowers.

Cut Flowers Edinburgh At an Angle

It has always been our practice as long time florists to always cut foliage and flowers at an angle. It is also important to do it an inch from the stem's bottom. The ideal cut would be a 45-degree angle close to the bottom of the stem to ensure that there will be a bigger area for water and nutrient uptake. This angle also helps the stem stand better, exposing more of the cut surface to the water.

Re-cut Flowers

Once you notice how limp or wilted your flowers are in the vase, cut their stems again. This will help them absorb nutrients at the pace that they used to have before the stems sealed off. We've seen this trick work miracles on many of our flowers so you just need to be patient in re-cutting stems. We also recommend this to whoever want to get more value for their money whenever they order Edinburgh flower delivery.

Keep Flowers Away from Sunlight, Drafts and Fruits

It is only natural that you would want to keep beautiful and colourful flowers for as long as you can. That's why you should be more careful about not only putting them in a vase of clean and fresh water but also about positioning them. Make sure to keep the flowers away from direct sunlight, drafts, heaters or coolers, and ripening fruits. These are the things that can cause the flowers to wilt quickly. Ripening fruits, for instance, release ethylene gas that stops petals from opening, causes the petals to change colour, and cut the life of the cut flowers short. Despite how careful we might be about keeping our flowers Edinburgh fresh in the shop, it wouldn't work if you're not doing your job while keeping them at home. Drafts and direct sunlight are usually the main reasons why a vase full of flowers suddenly wastes away.

Fill Hollow-stemmed Flowers Manually

If you happen to receive any of our hollow-stemmed flowers from an Edinburgh flower delivery, you need to exert an extra effort into making sure that the flowers will get the nutrients that they need. Turn them upside down and put water into the stalk. This should be easy because of their open cavity. To keep the water in, block them inside the stalk with a small piece of cotton then put the flowers back in the vase. The water inside will give the stem enough strength to stay strong and straight.

Remove Wilted Blooms and Excess Foliage

Before putting the flowers in the vase, make sure you remove all the foliage that you think will be below water level. Dead flowers should be removed as well. These two simple tricks can extend the life of your cut flowers or even double it. Change the water regularly, add enough amount of flower food, and rearrange the bouquet every time you remove flowers from the arrangement. These things can also contribute to keeping your flowers fresh. If you keep freshening them up and removing any factor that fosters bacterial growth in the vase just like our professional florists Edinburgh, your bouquet of beautiful flowers will get to bloom beautifully and brightly for a long period of time.

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